price credit memo changes after changing the quantity

jan_jansenjan_jansen Member Posts: 12
I have the folowing situation:
A customer in Navision buys 10 pcs of an item for each 20 euro's. He get's an invoice for 200 euro's. The company decides to change the prices from 20 to 15 euro's. After that, an item is returned to the company because there was something wrong. The company creates a credit memo and uses the function 'Get posted document lines to reverse' to retreive the posted invoice lines.
The unit price on the credit memo line is exactly the same as the unit price (20 euro) on the posted invoice lines. Which sounds logic. But when the company adjusts the quantity of that credit memo line to 1, navision calculates the unit price again, and now the customer gets a credit memo for 15 euro instead of 20 euro.
Is this a bug or what is the reason behind this strange behaviour?
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Jan Jansen


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    eyolfthoeyolftho Member Posts: 18
    The unit price field in table Sales Line is recalculated if some critical fields are re-validated.
    (Sell-to-customer no., item no, quantity, location code, date aso).
    This is normal behavior in NAV.
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