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Hello All

I have managed to use codeunit 5054, word management, to create a Word Document letter. I use mail merge to place placeholders that will be replaced with the actual values from the Table. This way i can produce a customized Letters to my customers.

Now i want to have it produce many of such Letters but in one document. I do not want to print the letters to each customer one by one because they are too many. So the remaining task is to have one Microsoft Word Document with many pages which i can send to the printer.

Is this need achievable with codeunit 5054? :?:


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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    Merges should normally create one document with all the letters for your list.
    However, if you set it up in such a way, you could have it printed automatically. Then you won't even have to press the print button.
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    zimworxcodezimworxcode Member Posts: 53
    that's a great hint, let me try it out thank you. :thumbsup:
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