Indented field on worksheet maybe disables "Find" function?

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I have a customized lookup page (Page Type = worksheet) that displays records in an "Indented" format using the "IndentationColumnName" and "IndentationControls" properties on one of the columns. The screenshot below shows the design:

The top-level container sets some simple filters on the records being displayed.

When the page is displayed, all search functions - on all columns - are disabled. Ctrl-F doesn't work, and the search action icon on the ribbon is disabled. There is a single key (the primary key) on the table, but as far as I can tell otherwise, the table (and page) are nothing unusual.


Is there some property on a worksheet page that makes it non-searchable? The page was developed in 2013 but we're now using 2013R2.


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    I think it is just because the tree view is enabled. Because it looks like internal problem when seaching on something, what can be hidden (becase collapsed), they disabled the search to "solve" it. But it is just guess...
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