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Use this program to change the splash screen of NAV 2013R2 with weather info.

- This first release contains only NL weather stations

Discuss this download here.


  • Johannes_NielsenJohannes_Nielsen Member Posts: 206
    Wow OK I didn't see this coming :P

    What does it modify exactly?

    Can it be uninstalled?
    Best regards / Venlig hilsen
    Johannes Sebastian
  • mvanettenmvanetten Member Posts: 2
    Hi Johannes,

    I didn't expect that this would be published :P

    What does it? Well this program changes the NAV2013R2 Splash image with weather information. But it need some setup to make it work.
    You can view a example at ... setsplash/

    But for now it only loads weather info from the Netherlands. So Denmark weather stations are not included yet.

    And yes it can be uninstalled :D
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