Production cost and Actual Cost

gsbalasagsbalasa Member Posts: 31
Dear Experts,

I have a small issue in Production: The following the scenario,

Lets say I have FG No: FG1 and FG2 with the overheads mentioned as 7.5 and 15, and my Raw Material cost to produce 1 qty is 100 and 100.

to produce my 100 units of FG1 the cost will be so to 10000+750=10750
to produce my 100 units of FG2 the cost will be so to 10000+1500=11500

Let say after a month my overhead cost including power and wages came to 3000, but i have considered my overhead as 2250. I would like the apply the remaining amount of 750 to the production cost.

Can you please tell me how to proceed with this. I am not using machine center and work centers.

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