Fixed Asssets Depreciation

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Hi All,

I am trying to master the FA Depreciation. I have created 5 Fixed Assets and assigned Straight-Line, Declining-Balance 1, Declining-Balance 2, DB1/SL and DB2/SL respectively (one for each Fixed Asset). The posted the acquisition on Jan 1st. The I changed the work date to Feb 1st and ran the Calculate depreciation Batch Job. The program generated Depreciation entries for Straight-Line, DB1/SL and DB2/SL ony.

Please advice why Calculate depreciation ignore Declining-Balance 1, Declining-Balance 2 Depreciation entries.I can see in the help for Depreciation field 'If you use this method, you must enter a fixed yearly percentage'. I am assuming that this setup could be causing the system to ignore Declining-Balance 1, Declining-Balance 2 Depreciation entries.

Any help is really appreciated.



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    parambparamb Member Posts: 85
    Hi All,

    I can see so many views but no replies. Any guidance is highly appreciated.

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