Error starting DOT NET Application, Message Queue Related

Lee_JamesLee_James Member Posts: 2
Good Morning

we are using a DOT NET application that uses Message Queues to work i have setup message queues on the Application Server and made sure that they are setup withing the NAV application, i have also made sure that the Everyone right is setup on the Message queues, there are no spelling mistakes and for some reason i am still getting this error. i am sure this is something silly

This message is for C/AL programmers: An exception was raised in method CreateFolder. The OLE control or Automation server has returned error (HRESULT) -2147352567

does anyone know how i can resolve this please


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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    What strikes me is that the error message is related to the the function "CreateFolder".
    Can you double check that the folder you are trying to create doesn't exist already ?
    Also can you check permissions whether process has enough permissions to create the folder ?

    I hope this helps.

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