how to deactivate a sales order.

181deepak181deepak Member Posts: 95
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Hi Experts
Can I deactivate a sales order so that the sales order is not to be considered when I do Order planning or Production Planning.
Please give suggestion's how to achieve that?


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    WojtekmWojtekm Member Posts: 123
    Hello 181deepak,

    Few month ago i have similar issue. Unfortunetly its impossible via standard functionality.

    Possible solution depends on Your client requirement. In my scenario I add additional fields to Sales order line and copy original Outstanding Quantity to this fields. Then I fill fielsd Invoices Qty and Shipped Qty with Quantity value.

    In my solution You have to remember about few reports that needs to be changed.

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    Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
    That was my first customization in 2002, "nice" to see it is not resolved 12 years later :) Basically I have made a function that zeroed the outstanding quantity/value fields. For planning only outstanding quantity is used but it is safer to do the same with the value. You can save it in a custom field for reference. Of course it leads to inconsistencies that appear in some reports (a report based on outstanding quantitity or value will not match with a report based on qty. - qty. shipped) but as the standard reports are next to useless anyway these problems can be solved as you go.
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