Table synch issue in NAV 2013 R2

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During an Update from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 R2 (Cum. Update 6) I encountered the following problem:
The table-synchronization, which was started via cmdlet sync-NavTenant failed with the following error appearing in windows application log (unfortunately the cmdlet itself gives only a timeout error. The actual error seems to appear only in the application log):

Der folgende SQL-Fehler war nicht erwartet.
Es wurde kein Element mit dem Namen '"dbo"."TEMP$Data Export Buffer"' in der aktuellen XXXXX-Datenbank gefunden, wobei '@itemtype' als '(null)' eingegeben wurde.

in English the error might be something like this:
The following SQL error was not expected.
There is no element with name '"dbo".TEMP$Data Export Buffer"' in the current XXXXX-Database, where '@itemtype' is set to '(null)'.

The reason for this strange failure was, that for the corresponding table 11008 the table name "GDPdU Export Buffer" has changed to "Data Export Buffer" in NAV 2013 R2 and simultaneously the Property DataPerCompany has changed from '<Yes>' to 'No'.
In this special case when both the table name and the property DataPerCompany are changing, the table sync process seems to fail.


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    SkipieSkipie Member Posts: 3

    same problem here: Table was renamed and datapercompany set to no - Sync-NAVTenant brings an SQLerror

    Running Rollup8 (7.10.36897)

    "solved" by changing DataPerCompany back to default. didnt try changing name back. Changing the object itself does not help.
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