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While doing an upgrade, i came across this piece of code in OnInsert trigger of a table
  "Location Code" := GetAllowedLocationFilter();

Based on the customisation elsewhere in the DB, I think this was done to save the allowed location code irrespective of selected location code. I think this is a bad idea and the filter should have implemented in the form.

will the above FILTERGROUP stuff work on a table?
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    SiStSiSt Member Posts: 46
    With just the few lines of code it is hard to guess what the code does. The FILTERGROUP works on the record, regardless if it is used in the table, form, page etc.

    The first FILTERGROUP command switches to the filter group 2. I think the command GetAllowedLocationFilter will read out a filter set in this group and assigns it to the "Location Code" field. Afterwards it switches back to the default FILTERGROUP.

    FILTERGROUP 2 is usually used in Forms.

    So my guess: If you're in a form or subform with a TableView or DataItemLink and you insert a new record, then the value from the filter is used to set the "Location Code" field to the filtered value.
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