Production Order Posting Error (CRITICAL)

devsarindevsarin Member Posts: 2
Hi Experts,

We have discovered this issue at our client who is using production module in NAV 2013 R2.

The issue is that NAV is intermittently posting Production Output(FG) at standard cost rounded to 2 decimal places when usually the std. cost is 4-5 decimal points. There are following points to be noted

1. It is happening for many products wherein out of a total of many production orders only one production order has wrong posting and all others are correct for the same product.There are no. of products like that.
2. The common denominator is the cost posted is equal to Quantity multiplied by standard cost rounded to two decimal points. In some instances that is 0 because rounding to 2 decimal places somehow resulted to 0 std cost.
3. There is no date order i.e. its not like it has started doing from a date or something like that.
4. Production Order Statistics report is correct in all production orders wherein expected and actual are correct.
5. User behaviour is not different in any production order.
6. All products are costed at standard.
7. No customisations in production module.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before. Or can anyone shed some light what might be causing it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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