RoleCenter - Why is this silent Error displayed???

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Hello everybody,

I'm new in this forum, but I will try to explain my problem as detailed as I can.

I designed an Order Type Selection for my Purchase Order, Sales Order and so on.
When I want to open my Purchase Order List (Step 1)
An Order Type Selection Window opens and you can select what Filter you want to set
for the ListWhen the user doesn't click OK and closes the Window on another way the following Line
is Executed :
A silent Error, so nothing should happen.
When I perform step 1, it works perfectly :wink: , but when I perform Step 2(Click on "New Sales Order") and Close the OrderType Selection Window Without clicking on
OK an Error appears:
I really don't understand why, because the same Line is Executed as in Step 1(Error('');), but this time the Error is displayed.
Does anybody has an idea why this is happening? :shock:


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    SiStSiSt Member Posts: 46
    I also encountered this behaviour. The ERROR('') does only work on certain triggers in the Windows Client. In OnOpenPage, for example, the error you posted is shown, in the push event of a button everything is fine. So I guess it depends on the user action that starts the code.
    I'm not aware of a simple workaround. I restructured my code to save the state in a variable in the page and read it out after the page is closed.
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    MrNoNameMrNoName Member Posts: 3
    Ok thank you, I solved the problem the same way :wink:
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