automate change of production order status

supremosupremo Member Posts: 73
Good day!
Is there a way to have a batch job that will automate the change of status of completed production orders to finished?
It's currently taking around 5 mins to change a status for an order and I would like to improve that process.


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    vivek4121vivek4121 Member Posts: 165
    Hello Supremo,

    In that case you can create a Codeunit and enter the below code for that:

    ProductionOrder.SETRANGE("Assigned User ID",'SA');
    ProductionOrder.SETRANGE("Starting Date",010412D,310313D);
    IF ProductionOrder.FINDSET THEN BEGIN
    UNTIL ProductionOrder.NEXT = 0;

    When you run this codeunit, you just have to mentioned the Posting date only.

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    graveczgravecz Member Posts: 35
    You can also look for form 99000914 Change Production Order Status - it allows you tu choose some prod orders and multiply finished them.

    But i'm affraid that this not gonna solve your problem - changing prod order status is "trivial" task.
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    supremosupremo Member Posts: 73
    Thank you gravecz and vivek4121. Will test out the codeunit but for now we'll stick to the Change Production Order Status. That session ensures completed orders are the only orders that will be changed to finished.
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