Tab Control wit many Pages. How to select last page? Obj Des

randrewsrandrews Member Posts: 135
Nav 3.7
I have Tab Control wit many Pages. Some pages is out of the bound. So I can't see last page in object designer.

How to select last page (may be with some hot keys?).

"Make wider bound" and "put neded page at the begining" is solution, but bad. May be samrthing else?


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    jjanauskasjjanauskas Member Posts: 49
    in run-time use ctrl+pgup/pgdown

    in design-time you can use a bug as a feature :) Change PageNamesML caption, and after that all pages will get captions as integer values from 1 to N. Probably they will be short enough to select the tab you need?
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    randrewsrandrews Member Posts: 135
    I solve my problem similar way.
    I did font=6. So PageNamesML was a small enoth.
    But I will remember your way: PageNamesML get as integer values from 1 to N.

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    fbfb Member Posts: 246
    Application Developers Guide (w1w1adg.pdf) contains the following snip in Chapter 23 - Multilanguage:
    If you create a tab control without setting the PageNames property, C/SIDE will use the names 0, 1, 2, and so on as names for pages containing visible controls. Pages that do not contain controls or that do not contain visible controls are not displayed.
    So, "Numbers when there is no PageNames(ML)" is a (tiny) part of the tribal lore.

    However, it is NOT so that a page with no visible controls gets hidden 'automatically'.

    I really hope the C/SIDE elves are listening, and will fix this some day soon, because this would be REALLY helpful sometimes (think of per-user field-level security for example, where inaccessible fields are hidden...) Also, the US localization team has a lot of trouble getting rid of, say, the Foreign Trade tab on Documents -- have to move a lot of controls from following tabs, etc, etc. I think they finally gave up for v4.0 and left it there, with all its IntraStat fields -- mostly useless here in the US.

    Oh, and by the way, C/SIDE gods (if you are listening, huh, huh?) -- PageNames should be a separate property from PageNamesML (like OptionString v.s. OptionCaptionML). Currently, if the Localizers make a mess of PageNamesML in the Translation Text file, the form gets smashed...
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