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TysvdHeuvelTysvdHeuvel Member Posts: 3
Hi All,

I'm working on a bit of code outside of NAV, which uses some price, discount and VAT data from NAV.
And, now i'm looking at some minor rounding differences.
Can anyone explain me how NAV does it's rounding? Only at the end of a calculation? Half way, before multiplying with the quantity? Or is there more to know about rounding rules?

Thanks for helping,


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    einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    Yes, there's a lot more to know. Just a few things...
    • It's possible to set-up how many decimals places are shown. Depending on how you get your data from NAV this could lead to differences.
    • There are two fields in the General Ledger Setup (Amount Rounding Precision and Unit-Amount Rounding Precision) that are used to round certain fields in NAV. Depending on that setup and the way you round your figures that could also lead to differences.
    • Because NAV rounds every line in a document separately there might be a difference between the total amount of all lines and the amount of the sum of all lines. That difference could lead to an extra system-created line that holds this difference and posts it to certain accounts.
    • ...

    So, I think if you want to solve a certain issue than it would be the best if you describe exactly what your are trying to do and where you get the difference.
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