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Hi All,

Require some expert advice on my below requirement

My client is an automobile Brake Pad manufacturer and have an FG Item called DAF and its low level assembly is set in system as: DAF --> CA --> BA --> PCA --> COM. Which means when a customer order is received for DAF, all its sub-assemblies should also to be manufactured. I have set the Manufacturing Policy as "Make-to-Order" and Reordering Policy as "Order" for the parent as well as child items except for COM which is set as "Lot-for-Lot" since it is a batch processing.

Now a sales order is entered for DAF item. When MPS/MRP is run, I need to have generated MPS Production Order for the DAF Item and during MRP run I should get suggestion for assembly production orders for CA/BA/PCA & COM items and I also require a link between all these production orders. The production order should be individual and single line. From all these production orders I need to combine all the routing processes and generate a 'Job Card' report, which will be circulated to the shop floor for execution.

However, when I run the MPS/MRP I am not getting the link and unable to group it together all the times. Sometimes, it is generated as multiple line production orders. I found the link is available only when, after MRP/MPS is run, the requisition line should have the 'No. Series' field with the 'Planned Prod. Order' number series and 'Planning Level' is with value '0'. But, am not sure at what time this will be populated correctly or any other way to get the link to execute my report.

Expecting a solution from NAV Mfg experts
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