ISVs and Menusuites and Avalara

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edited 2014-04-17 in NAV Three Tier
In the NAV manuals, menusuite ranges are assigned as follows:
10/1010 MBS
20/1020 Region
30/1030 Country
51/1051 Add-on 1 -> 60 Add-on 10
80/1080 Partner
90/1090 Company

Every ISV I have worked with so far has provided their menusuites in the 51 to 60 range.
Is this a requirement or recommendation for ISVs?
As you can guess from my subject, Avalara is providing 90 and 1090 for their menusuites, so I am wondering if I am wrong in asking them to move it to an ISV range?
What is the usual and correct practice?


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