Advanced warehouse - Force proposed put away bins

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Hello ! :D

How are you ? This is my first post here, I hope my English will not shock you :).

One of my customer uses and advance warehouse management on one of its location (require receive / require shipment / require put away / require pic / bin mandatory / directed put away and pick at yes).

His problem is that the put away document created by Nav when he post the warehouse shipment does not correspond to how he wants to put away his goods.

Example :
He receive 3 tons of goods - Post the warehouse shipment -
The System automatically create a put away with 500 Kg in 6 different bins but he want to put, physically 333 Kg in others bins.
The system does not allow him to choose his quantity and bin manually.

Unfortunately it seems that we can not create a movement from a "receive" set bin.

Do you have any solutions to this problem?

Thank you in advance !

Best regards,


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