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What's the best way guys ??
I have a new virtual server Win 2012 Datacenter on 64bit with Intel Xeon E5-2665 @ 2.40GHz and 14.2 GB Ram. All setup with SQl Server 2008 R2. Database created with restore of previous backup and tested - all working well. - Dynamics Nav 2009 R2
I'm looking foreward to going live with this, but were uber busy here and I have little opportunity to take the live database offline. My plan was to...
1, take it offline and start a backup (full) - 20-25 mins
2, After completion, copy the backup file to the new server - it's a 90GB SQL backup file so 40-45 mins over network
3, Change the Server network settings IP and Name so the new one looks like the old one so clients would only have to reboot at most for shortcut to reach right database
4, Restore to new server - 25-35 mins
A long process that could take up to 2hrs !!
Recover Model is now simple and was toying with the idea of restoring a backup made on the day I'm switching, then restoring the differential or log file at the point of taking one offline and the new online.
Am I mad ? What is the fastest, safest proceedure ??
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