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njwardnjward Member Posts: 38
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I'm just starting to look at development and was trying to create a new query but get the following error message when I try to save it' 'you do not have permissions to create the ... query. Please contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed'.

I checked and I have the 'db_owner' permission set on the NAV database.

I'm not sure what else I need to do to get this working. Any advise people can offer would be much appreciated.




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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    Have you checked that query objects are in your license?
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    njwardnjward Member Posts: 38
    I checked the license and assumed this would cover query development. I was thinking that the 1 in the amount column was for one user.

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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    Which Object ID are you using? Can be a problem related to the number of objects purchased/assigned.
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    njwardnjward Member Posts: 38

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, it was an issue with the Object ID.

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