Access C/Side procedures from RDL content

Darius555Darius555 Member Posts: 7
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Hi All

Is here any capability to access codeunit or other object procedures in RDL design?

For example : I need to print on every page amounts in words and call some C/Side business logic


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    Rob_HansenRob_Hansen Member Posts: 296
    No. Plain and simple. NAV passes the data set over to RDLC and then lets it run.

    Now if you want to get crazy fancy, you could look at setting up NAV web services to expose codeunits with the functions you want to use and then look at whether you can access those through RDLC code (I have no idea as I've never done it).

    Without getting fancy though...the answer is no. :)
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    clauslclausl Member Posts: 455
    What is this C/Side business logic doing?

    /Claus Lundstrøm
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    Darius555Darius555 Member Posts: 7
    I have group footer with this code, I need this XML format execute in 2013R2

    EndPageNo := CurrReport.PAGENO;

    IF CreateTableOfContent THEN BEGIN
    AddElement (XMLContractNode,'contract',XMLNode);
    AddAttribute(XMLNode, 'no', "Contract No.");
    AddAttribute(XMLNode, 'no-of-pages', FORMAT(EndPageNo - StartPageNo + 1));
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