Client hangs when wanting to design COD5763

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Did any of encounter a similar issue as I am having now? Any hint on how to fix it?

I am working on code that calls COD5763 (Whse.-Post Shipment). Using Go To Definition on statement WhsePostShipment.RUN(WarehouseShipmentLine); it first did open COD5763, but since some point in time it hangs my client every time again. Even trying to open the codeunit from the Object Designer in design mode does the same.

At first I thought there was something corrupted in the databases, but a restore of a backup did not help.

It only seems to happen on my laptop and with any NAV database. It doesn't happen with any other objects (as far as I have tested it).

Recompiling the object also hangs the client. The same after removing the entry for this codeunit form the Object Tracking and Object Metadata.

* Windows 8
* NAV 2009 R2
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