RDLC Report: Use Page No. in Body?

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Hi everyone,

one of our customers wishes to have a shortened header when printing Invoices with multiple pages. The first page has the "normal" big header, with address and everything, but but from the second page onward the header should only show the company logo, Invoice No. and page no.

My first thought was to make both headers in the body and tell the report per page no. which header to show/hide. But I just can't seem to get the info, which page the Report is currently creating into the body! Even using a variable in Visual Studio, trying to fill it in the actual header part of the report and then calling upon it in the body doesn't seem to work, or maybe I'm just doing it completely wrong.

Anyone got an idea?




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    Hi Lily

    I think you will need to inform us which version of NAV you are on. NAV 2009, NAV 2013 or NAV 2013 R2? Solution that works on one version may not work on another.

    Secondly, I am not clear as to the difference between the first page and the second page header. Is the second page header similar to the first page? If yes, could you not make shorter header the default header while the extra address be in the body?
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    In RDLC reports you cannot show the Page No. in the Body of the report. Actual you can show the Page number in the body but this solution has limitations, I will shoot a How Do I video for Microsoft soon explaining how to this. But this solution will probably not help you.

    So what you need to do is move all the header elements, except the Page No, Logo and Invoice No. into to List control of the Body. It needs to be at the top of the List and not inside the Main Tablix which is inside the List. When you do this, Page header will only be shown each time the list start, which is for each new Invoice.

    /Claus Lundsrøm
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    YelnikovYelnikov Member Posts: 2
    "I will shoot a How Do I video for Microsoft soon explaining how to this"
    Does anybody knows where this video is?
    Looks like we`ve found the solution, it would be interestiong to compare.
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