Error printing a Blanket PO

supremosupremo Member Posts: 73
Good day!

We received this error while printing the blanket PO.
"There is no currency Exchange Rate within the filter"
Filters" Currency Code: USD, Starting Date: ".."

Our currency exchange is already setup covering the current month.


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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
    Which version are you using?

    It seems there is something wrong with Date filter as it is ".." and there is no dates in it.

    have you done any customization?
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    supremosupremo Member Posts: 73
    Good day Mohana,

    We are using NAV 2009 SP1.
    Was able to resolve the issue (I think) by validating the posting date field from the Blanket PO session. The field is not displayed so I had to modify the form to show it. I used the current date as posting date and was able to print the order. I was thinking that the posting date by default should be the same as the document date (if created on the same date) but it was blank. Is this a bug?
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