Multi-Languge Issue

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Good day,

I am new so i hope i have posted in the correct place.
I am trying to bring some customised fields from NAV 4.0 to NAV 2013R2 where there are multiple languages used in the DB for Captions etc.
I have followed various instructions from the PartnerSource site and have successfully loaded German and various other non-french Language modules.
My problem is that any of the French Type Languages i try to install and then compile in the object designer always give the following message
"The table definition is invalid and cannot be validated" on my custom field.

If i remove the troublesome character "é" - accented e in the French Caption, it compiles fine.
I have followed various instructions and tips from the forum but still no joy.
I tried testing on 2009 r2, same scenario and same message.
Our license has all laguages enabled so it does not appear to be a licensing issue.

Please can anyone assist.


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