Linked Object Read Only failure across 2 server - MSDTC

SteveKnottSteveKnott Member Posts: 43

I have 2 servers - NAVDEV and SRVSQL both running SQL Server 2012.

Both servers have MSDTC on, firewall exceptions enabled, and no authentication required for incoming requests.

I have a linked table object in my navision db on NAVDEV, what uses a view to access a table in a db from SRVSQL.

From Mgt studio on NAVDEV, I can update the view in NAVDEV, which in turns updates the table in SRVSQL.

From Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, I can run the table object , and view the data, but I cannot update it, as I get an error around MSDTC on server NAVDEV was unavailable.

The same error occurs when accessing the object via code ( FINDSET fails with the same error). I have tried my service tier as administrator too, so it doesnt seem to be service permissions.

I dont actually need to update the data, but merely read it.

My object has LinkedInTransaction = No, but i have tried Yes as well.

Any idea's as to what I can try ?



  • SteveKnottSteveKnott Member Posts: 43
  • NoelineNoeline WindhoekMember Posts: 45

    Have you had any luck on resolving this? I am facing the same problem.

    Regards - Noeline
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