Apparent CalcFields failure (NAV 2009)

bknoppbknopp Member Posts: 37
Hi all,

I recently had to create a table for a report that accumulated contact information from the Customer and Ship-To Address tables. The report needed the Sales (LCY) value from the Customer table, with the value being left blank on Ship-To lines.

So I copied the Customer table and deleted all the columns that I didn't need. I then looked at each fields' property page and cleared the calculation definition on Sales(LCY). Then I coded the report to collect, filter, sort and display the data - I'll spare you the details because they're not relevant.

The Sales (LCY) number always displayed "0" on the report, though. Initially I thought it was because I forgot to call CalcFields, but even after I added that call, the report still showed "0" for Sales.

The problem was that I had not reset the FieldClass property on Sales (LCY) - it still showed FlowField, and the table compiled fine even though there was no calculation. Once I cleared the FieldClass, the report worked as expected.

I hope this saves someone some anguish.
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