item price from value entry in report basedgrouping itemledg

ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
I make report to grouping data in item ledger entry table as following

item no quantity amount

but i face problem .

unit price not found in item ledger entry table but it found in value entry table

How i got unit price from value entry table

can you show me example code

I need report as following

item no quantity unit price amount

I using dynamic nav 2009 r2



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    william_marcelinuswilliam_marcelinus Member Posts: 34
    if you need report just for Unit Price for each Item No.
    Simply use variable record to Item Table, and then use Setrange by Item No. in Item ledger Entry
    to No. in Item Table.
    you can save the result in variable, or call Item Table as data item in report.
    hope this will help you
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