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We have a Sales Order that was originally made out for 200’. We shipped 100’ so it left 100’ on backorder. We changed the order qty to 100’ because we want to consider this line complete. How can I manually close this sales order as no more shipping or invoicing will be done against that line?

NAV 2009 R2



  • vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    What do you mean by closing these order manually? if you want to delete the order then you can use the report 299(Delete Invoiced Sales Orders) from the adminstrator -> IT Admin -> Data Deletion ->Sales documents.
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    There's no action for 'closing an order' in NAV. When an order is completely received/shipped and invoiced from the order itself (by entering qty to receive/ship/invoice and posting from the order), the system will automatically delete the order. If you don't fully receive/ship and invoice, either by not posting the full order quantity or by posting the invoice from a separate invoice document, you will have to delete the order in another way. You can manually delete it, in which case I believe the quantity received/shipped must equal the quantity invoiced, or you run the report that was suggested by Vijay
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    Thanks everyone. I will let users know to delete the sales order.

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