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Dear Sir,

We are not been able to enter the Qty.to Consume in the Applied Delivery Challan screen.
The following error message has been appearing in the screen.
"Remaining Quantity is not sufficient in the challan line selected"

Bom defination :-

I have debugged the code and found the followings-

First Screenshot

Second Screenshot

The values of the field variable are detailed below.
"DeliveryChallanLine."Remaining Quantity" =50
DeliveryChallanLine."Quantity per" =0.5
"Qty. to Consume" =50"

The error message is appearing as per code, however, I suppose the code is incorrect or I am missing something. :-k

Kindly address.
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    erarunaryaerarunarya Member Posts: 21
    I have also faced this problem. The previous code which was commented now is i think work fine for this scenario.
    I don't know why this code was blocked. I hope this was a mistake by the developers and they will rectify it soon.

    // PS45266.begin
    // IN0066.begin
    // DeliveryChallanLine.RESET;
    // DeliveryChallanLine.SETRANGE("Deliver Challan No.","Applied Delivery Challan No.");
    // DeliveryChallanLine.SETRANGE("Line No.","App. Delivery Challan Line No.");
    // IF DeliveryChallanLine.FINDFIRST THEN
    // DeliveryChallanLine.CALCFIELDS("Remaining Quantity");
    // IF (DeliveryChallanLine."Remaining Quantity" <
    // ("Qty. to Receive" +"Qty. to Consume" +"Qty. to Return (C.E.)"+ "Qty. To Return (V.E.)"))
    // THEN
    // ERROR(Text000)
    // IN0066.end
    IF DeliveryChallanLine.GET("Applied Delivery Challan No.","App. Delivery Challan Line No.") THEN BEGIN
    DeliveryChallanLine.CALCFIELDS("Remaining Quantity");
    IF (DeliveryChallanLine."Remaining Quantity" * DeliveryChallanLine."Quantity per") <
    ("Qty. to Receive" + "Qty. to Consume" + "Qty. to Return (C.E.)" + "Qty. To Return (V.E.)")
    // PS45266.end
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