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hello everyone!

i have two questions for nav 5.0 and one question for newer versions if we upgrade down the road

we wanted to work on making navision better to.....look at. I feel like we don't really use all that navision has to offer. maybe having a program that's visually appealing will make me want to explore what else the software has to offer that we havent been using all these years!

1.) What different methods can be used to 'theme' navision 5.0?

i saw a copy of navision years and years ago that looked absolutely nothing like the navision we use in our office. it had a sort of....permanent frame in the middle that had lots of links/buttons to the various customer cards, forms, item cards, etc.

i don't even recall the normal left-menu being present, everything was accessed from a colorful display front-and-center.

was i not looking at a navision program? i am almost 100% positive that i was.

would LOVE an image or video or example of a customized navision front-end or any articles about how that works. what programming language would i have to use to change things like the generic windows-xp-looking window gradient?

2.) changing colors via designer using Navision Color Table V3

i can't use this to recolor entire things like i originally assumed i could...i originally used this to try and make a better looking customer card but ran into problems when i couldnt change the 'tabcontrol' background color or hide the background color or make it transparent (only option in tabcontrol properties that i saw was background color and fore clolor and unrelated properties)

is there a way to change the tab color or render it transparent???

Future Navision versions

1.) same question as above. is there a way to 'theme' navision 2013 or 2009? any examples?

i tried searching but i probably don't know the right thing to search as i'm not a Navision designer or anything.

Thanks for anyone that can give us some insight!


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    Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    NAV 5 is like a decade old and 2009 and 2013 are not exactly "future versions".

    Have you actually tried to google or looked at YouTube? On YouTube there are 100's of NAV video's.

    I think what you saw with the links was the new client which is called the RoleTrailored client (2009) or Windows Client (2013).

    These clients cannot be changed in colors, even harder than what you have today.
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    rocatisrocatis Member Posts: 163
    bronco8622 wrote:
    we wanted to work on making navision better to.....look at.
    Sorry, it's pretty much "take it or leave it".

    Making it pretty and more intuitive is insanely time consuming and not really an option.

    With RTC you cannot change anything, even if you wanted.
    Brian Rocatis
    Senior NAV Developer
    Elbek & Vejrup
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