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txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
Hi all!

I´m trying to create an email with plain text (no HTML or rich text).

The email window must pop up in plain text and then the user click on send. I have tried the following:

CU397.NewMessage("E-Mail",'','Pedido compra: '+FORMAT("No."),Conte,

//Last parameter to show window

and also I have tried with outlook automation, but seems like there is no way to set it as plain text.

The client needs the emails to be send in plain text because some recipients can´t receibe it properly. I can´t use CU400 (smtp email) as they want to show the email before sending. I know this codeunit has a function to formatted text enable/disable.

Any1 any ideas?


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    ecpowerecpower Member Posts: 1
    From where in the system do you want to create an e-mail? What action from the user should trigger the mail?
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    txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492

    They want to show up outlook new email window with plain text.

    For now I can open the window with the attachment.
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    McClaneMcClane Member Posts: 40
    You could use 'Microsoft Outlook xxx Object Library'.MailItem and 'Microsoft Outlook xxx Object Library'.Application to create the e-Mail.
    OutlookEmail := OutlookApp.CreateItem(0);
    OutlookEmail.Subject := ...;
    OutlookEmail."To" := ...;
    OutlookEmail.BodyFormat := 1; // should set textonly
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