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fcormierfcormier Member Posts: 6
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I would like to add additional fields to ITEM TRACKING in Nav 2013R2.

As an example, when a user enters a serial #, expiry date, lot # and/or waranty date - I would like to be able to add additional fields. For example, a customer reference id?

How can I add this field (and/or other fields) and ensure that the addition passes through all relevant tables/code units.

(Note: There is a procedure: newfieldtrackingspecification.zip on MIBUSO, but it dates to 2011. Can anyone confirm that this is still valid in Nav 2013R2 or has the logic changed significantly enough to warrant an update of this procedure / document?)

Thank you

Frank Cormier


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    vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    It would be very difficult to ensure to find all the effected objects, better to flow the code in the existing field like serial no. and lot no.(by concatenating) or ask to your partner for this as it's a technical job.
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    fcormierfcormier Member Posts: 6
    Since posting this topic, I have worked on this problem, guided largely by Belias post dating to September 2011.

    I have successfully added a field. It appears in Reservation Entries and Tracking Lines, but when I post these transactions, the information disappears. (Ie. If I try to sell the item and pull that tracking no., the information in the added field is gone.)

    I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that the Tracking table and Reservation tables are temporary and that the information needs to be appended to the record for the Item Ledger Entries table as well.

    As noted, I'm looking to implement this in a Nav RTC environment (specifically Nav 2013).

    Suggestions from others who have done this would be appreciated as this module is extremely convoluted and complex.

    PS> The earlier suggestion to 'append' data to an existing field is not adequate for my customer's need.

    François Cormier
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    mas498mas498 Member Posts: 1
    Hi François

    We are working with a solution where we use the "Lot No. Information Functionality" of NAV.

    The information is stored in table 6505 "Lot No. Information" and there you could add additional fields (for ex. Customer ID or Vendor Lot No.) for each Item/Variant/Lot No. combination.
    Typically this Table is used to block a Lot No. or add information like a certificate number or a test quality.

    By setting up an Item Tracking Code with a Flag on "Lot Info. Outbound Must Exist" for example you can ensure that the Lot No. Information must be filled on for ex. outbound transaction.

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    jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639

    have you tried using additional fields in Serial No. Information? We did it for a long serial no, added into the usual reservation entry by flowfield. Make serial no. Information mandatory in the item tracking code, more or less done with it... No need to follow the item tracking coding just to get an idea on what's happening.

    with best regards

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    fcormierfcormier Member Posts: 6
    Thank you for that suggestion Jens & Matthias. After all my years using Nav, never had a reason to stumble across this functionality. (Just goes to show how Nav has so much functionality just buried within it - when you know where to look.)

    Although it isn't exactly what I was looking for, it can easily be adapted to my customer's needs.

    Thank you.

    Francois Cormier
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