G/L entry and G/L Register

hhhhhhhqathhhhhhhqat Member Posts: 111

i want to export G/L entry records for specific period , i create the data port and add all items i need from G/L fields , How can i add also the Register ( "No." ) from G/L Register table against each entry No.


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    phondajphondaj Member Posts: 60
    If you need to export only this time,will be easy if you use SQL query direct from DB.
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    hhhhhhhqathhhhhhhqat Member Posts: 111
    Yes phondaj ,

    i need only for this time ,, if you please can help me for script can get these information by SQL query

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    eyolfthoeyolftho Member Posts: 18
    Create a global field RegisterNo (Type Integer)
    Add this to the Dataport field list

    create a global record variable Register for the G/L Register table

    Code something like this is in OnBeforeExportRecord trigger for the G/L Entry table:

    Register.setfilter("To Entry No.",'%1..',"Entry No."); // This will return the associated Register record
    RegisterNo := Register."No.";
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    hhhhhhhqathhhhhhhqat Member Posts: 111
    thanks eyolftho

    its give me what i expect ... thanks again ....
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    hhhhhhhqathhhhhhhqat Member Posts: 111
    can we add some keys to speed the export , because it take more time specially if i apply filter on posting date for long period.
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