Classic Database server (2009SP1) on Windows 2012 server

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Hi all,

First of all, i like to say i like this forum alot. As a sys-admin for several Nav customers this forum helped me out alot of times.
Actually it helped me today, toward a solution at a customer and a colleague told me to add to this community, my efforts / solutions for today, so it might help others in the future.

Today we moved a Nav 2009 SP1 Classic Database server from a Windows 2008R2 server to a new Windows 2012R2 server.
All users are using database authentication, except for 2 NAS services, who use Windows Authentication.

After the migration to the new server, we moved all users without any trouble, however i couldn't get the NAS services up and running.
Giving the following error in Windows Application event log.

" Network path cannot be found. This message refers to the file .
The network server may be down or the path may be invalid "

I tried to authenticate using Windows authentication from a Classic Client (Gui) which failed as well, until i ran the client from the database server itself. There i was able to successfully connect. Eventually it make me disable the Windows firewall, and afterward i was able connect from other machines as well, using Windows Authentication, so technically... problem solved..

However as a sys-admin i prefer the firewall enabled. I found out that with Windows Authentication the client also creates a TCP port 445 connection.
445 TCP Microsoft-DS Active Directory, Windows shares
445 TCP Microsoft-DS SMB file sharing

If i would have enabled the role file services on the database server, the firewall rules would have been prolly altered.
I our case, i enabled the (default configured) firewall rule: File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In)

Now we are able to connect with Windows Authentication and have firewall enabled.
I hope this might help others as well in the future.

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