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Running Nav 2009 in 3-tier setting.
I have a report that is process-only classic report (no layout) that completes in 2 seconds when I run it from the classic client but when I run the same report from the RTC it takes 10 minutes. It is EXTREMELY slow. I have other classic-only reports that don't behave this way when run from the RTC. What could be causing this? What kind of things should I look for?
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    Steve_ContrisSteve_Contris Member Posts: 114
    I figured out what was going on.

    I had noticed there was gobs of network traffic when this was happening. I then determined that all of this traffic was between the client and the Nav server. Then it dawned on me - I was using an XML automation in a recursive function to parse downloaded internet orders. The problem was that I was creating the automation with the second parameter of the CREATE function set to TRUE. This caused the automation to be created on the client rather than on the server. I had wondered why and when this parameter in the CREATE would be important and now I know. The recursion was kind of amplifying the access to the automation object since it was getting called hundreds of times per order.

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