production BOM : HOW TO ?

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I am starting with nav, and I would like to be able to product some BOM.
I have created some BOM, set up Article, quantity of all article in the BOM, and the Unit of the BOM.
Now, I don't know how to product this bom, and update all the entry of all article depending the configuration of the bom, and the number of BOM product.
I have try to create a new article, setting up the Bom number in the header (Replenishment Tab), and try to make a negative ajustement.

The quantity in stock of this article ( THE BOM) was reduce, but all the article in the bom didn't change.....
So I reduce the quantity of my BOM in stock, but not of his component.....

Can you help me on how to well proceed to Well product Bom ??

Moreover, is it possible to product a BOM, without improve his quantity in stock ?
Let me explain why :

My example is some Menu.

A Menu is :
Bread 1KG
Meat 2KG
Bierre 50CL

i would like to produce Menu, but not store them ( because they are immédiately eaten )
And my my planning is
Menu 1 and 2 = Monday
Menu 3 and 4 = Thuesday
Menu 5 and 6=Wednesday

Is there an native way to do that ???

Thank You for your help.

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