Navision AP 4.0: Missing "Applies-to ID"

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Have been following the forum for a short while, my opinion is you guys rock! some with excellant answer/ideas and workaround.

Have a problem related to missing "Applies-to ID".

The problem occurs for transaction "Cash receipt journals" and "Payment journals" when the user uses "Apply customer entries" and "Apply vendor entries" respectively.

There are several events/scenario that lead to the missing "Applies-to ID":

1.0 Sequence of events that lead to the missing entries; user invoke transaction "Cash receipt journals", call Functions "Apply entries" (Shift F9) and use "Set Applies-to ID" (F9); to one or several open documents. After complete "Set Applies-to ID" to document, user click "OK" and continues to the next payment journal and continues applying entries. Once several payment journal have been processed (applying entries), when the user go and check the earlier applied entries (nothing is posted yet), the "Applies-to ID" was missing from the earlier applying activities.

2.0 After "Applies-to ID", users does not post. The next day, when the user want to post, the "Applies-to ID" was missing.

Additional Information/symptoms:

1.0 Several users process payment (applying entries)at the same time, using different "batch name".
2.0 Several occasions, when the user want to post the payment (after applying entries" the system gives a meassage "Gen. Journal Line table is locked by user xxxx" . After the message, the "Applies-to ID" would be missing.
3.0 Several occassion, the Navision Server Services need to be restarted ...during the day... after the system gives a message "TCP/IP ...econrefused.....". (Net Type:TCP), (Commit Cache-activated).
4.0 The system has been in used since 1st April with 5 active users, SBS 2003.

Thanks guys ... in advance for any ideas why this is so and resolution if any.....



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    bbcaibbcai Member Posts: 80
    At my site also faces the same problem like this. The applies-to-id is missing the next day after the users use apply entries function. Is this a bugs in Navision? Or in any condition this case will happen? It should't be concurrent users access problem cause the Applies-to Doc No. is still there. Anybody else faces this problem before?
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