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kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
Hi people!!

NAV 2009 SP1

When a purchase line/sales line are drop shipment I can see the sales order No. (in purchase line) and purchase order No. (in sales line),

but when I post the sales invoice these data disappear

I need to preserve the data until I post the purchase invoice

Why NAV delete that data? and

Which codeunit work to this deletion for change it?

thanks for all


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    postsauravpostsaurav Member Posts: 708
    Hey kanika,

    The deletion process is the standard process of Dynamics NAV.

    Why you want to keep such invoices which are completely shipped and invoiced?

    If you want the orders you can archive them before posting.

    But if you still want to keep them, have a look in Codeunit 80 & 90, But make sure before commenting any piece of Code.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurav Dhyani

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    kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    I need data from both orders until the purchase order invoice because since the sales order is invoiced until the sales order is invoiced and can take several days in the billing department need to have the sales order data on the purchase order line.
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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    What about customizing the release functionality to perform, at the same time, the archiving of the sales/purchase order?
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    kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    what about?

    explain us please
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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    I mean: instead of avoid deletion, during posting of the documents, when sale/purchase orders are released if you add the archive function in this step you will have in tables Sales Header Archive and Purchase Header Archive the orders even if they are posted and users will be able to look in this tables for looking at order details.
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    kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    okay, thanks, it's an idea
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