Change additional reporting currency

aholmesaholmes Member Posts: 2
I need to test changing the additional reporting currency from THB to PHP in one of our companies. The company has been active since 7/2006. We are currently on NAV5.0, SP1

I confirmed I have exchange rates for PHP starting on 4/30/12. The table contains monthly rates through 1/31/14.

I changed the rate on GL Set-up and noted the update occurring. After the routine was completed, I extracted the General Ledger entries to excel for one account. I wanted to calculate the exchange rate for various posting dates and confirm the rate matches what was defined in the table. I noted the exchange rate for all of the entries was the last rate defined on the table, 45.3688 (1/31/14).

I was thinking the routine would check the posting dates of the transactions against the exchange rate table and recalcuate based on the defined rate for the posting date range. Is this not the case?

Also, are there any other steps to perform to change the additional reporting currency.
Thank you!
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