NAV 2013 Reservation Entry does not exist

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I am getting frequent problems where reservation entries are being orphaned. Get the following message,
'The Reservation Entry does not exist. Identification fields. Entry No. 123456, Positive='Yes''.

When I look at the entry in the reservation table sure enough there is a reservation against table 37 Sales Line but no other corresponding positive reservation entry.

What does appear to have something to do with it is the 'Transfer From Entry No.' field on the reservation entry table this is populated but the entry transferred from is deleted as you would expect.

Client has all items to 'Always' reserve and is using the Order Planning Worksheet and Production orders which I am wondering has something to do with the problem. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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    philippegirodphilippegirod Member Posts: 191
    Check the Order Tracking Policy on Item record.
    This is the main cause of problems in Reservation Entry table.
    If no order tracking policy is required, you should have the value "None" for Order Tracking Policy.
    Else, you should clean periodically Reservation Entry table and delete all unusefull records.
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