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DreDre Member Posts: 2
I need help on how to remove ALL menu from a user at once.
My company Admin is outsourced so is the Hosting, and once a new user is created, by default, ALL menus will be assigned.
This gives me lots of headache as I have to manually remove over 25 menually (Menu by Menu)

Please how can I remove ALL menu from a user at once, so that I only need to add just the needed menu (in most cases 2 - 3)



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    FDickschatFDickschat Member Posts: 380
    • Login to NAV with your own account (or a separate account just for this task).
    • Start Navigation Pane Designer
    • Assign the Menus for yourself that you need as a template for other users.
    • Leave Navigation Pane Designer
    • Open Object Designer and locate table 2000000061 "User Menu level"
    • Find the record for yourself where level = User restrictions
    • Copy/Paste that record into a new record. Give it a name you will remember (e.g. TemplateSales). Use a name no user will ever have

    By doing this you can create either just 1 template with no selected menu at all or several templates.

    When a new user entes the company:
    • Make sure the new user is not logged into NAV
    • If the new User was previously logged into NAV delete the User Menu level record for that User (only User Restrictions, not User Chnages)
    • Copy/Paste the template and give it the name of the new user
    • Maybe adjust the menus for that user
    • Done

    You could create an "Initial User Setup" Report. That report could
    • Copy a User Setup Record (T91) to a new User Setup Record (= create a new user and give him/her the same permissions as...)
    • Copy Roles from FromUser to ToUser
    • Copy Warehoue Employess from FromUser to ToUser
    • Copy Printer Selection from FromUser to ToUser
    • Copy User Menu Level from FromUser to ToUser
    • Copy other customised tables with User related setup...
    Frank Dickschat
    FD Consulting
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