Default setup to link trade units

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I would like to know what the default setup is to link "trade units" in NAVISION

With "trade unit" I mean each unit that can be ordered by your client, a definition used by GS1.
(GS1: international standardization organization for supply chians that is responsable for barcodes)

For instance when you're distributing (not producing!) soup, the trade units of one taste of soup could be:
- a can
- a box with 2O cans
- a pallet with 40 boxes (800 cans)

Each trade unit should have its own unique barcode that should be used in ordering processes.

You could create 3 items:
- item A: can of soup taste X
- item B: box 20 cans of soup taste X
- item C: pallet 800 cans of soup taste X

When a client orders 2 boxes of soup, you could create an order with 2 x item B.

But what happens when item B is out of stock?
You should be able to "modify" item C into item B.
What happens when item A is out of stock?
You should be able to "modify" item B into item A.

Therefore item A, B and C should be linked somehow to each other.
Can this be done?

If working with "linked" items is not the way to set up this configuration, how else?
SKU, unit of measures, variants, item identifiers, ... ?

I hope that someone who worked on the same problem can help me out.

Best regards



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    ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    You should use different Item Unit of Measure with cross reference where "Cross Reference Type" should be Bar Code. You can define different bar codes with diff Item unit of measure with same item code.
    CA Sandeep Singla
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    tomdepoortertomdepoorter Member Posts: 65
    Hey Ssingla

    Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late response.
    I've been busy with some other cases and had no time to follow up this issue.

    We're using a customized field in the item table to define the bar code.
    Am I right that what you're describing is the default way to attribute a bar code to an item
    even when there is only one? There is no other default field to do that?
    (I don't really know how NAV works by default for that.)

    Other question.
    The trade units can have different bar codes, but also a seperate item number.
    A bar code is a worldwide unique id.
    It's used in digital flows.
    But when clients order by phone or when a representant is passing by
    they will use the item number instead of the long and hard to remember bar code.

    So how can this be solved?
    The different trade units of an article should a have different bar code and a different item number.

    Best regards

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    tomdepoortertomdepoorter Member Posts: 65
    Does someone else have some ideas about this?

    GS1 has set up data pools to help customers and vendors to exchange article attributes.

    One of the important attributes is the hierarchical link between several "trade units"
    http://www.gs1.org/gsmp/kc/gdsn/trade_i ... tion_guide
    see section 20.

    I'm just wondering if those advices have been implemented in NAV.

    Best regards

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