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LgooLgoo Member Posts: 45
edited 2014-02-11 in NAV Three Tier

to group some tables i copied them into a list item, but at comlining in NAV i get the following error:
The tablix 'tablix3' has a detail member with inner member. Detail member can only contain static inner member.

I looked into a standard Report (206), there its working fine with Lists.


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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    I think you need to define at least one group in the list, for example in report 206 the list is grouped by No_SalesInvHeader and OutputNo.
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    StLiStLi Member Posts: 83
    The List Item itself has a default group, which you need to delete. (bottom of the Layout editor, in the "Row Groups" column)
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