Adjust Cost Entries module

pummipummi Member Posts: 17
Hi All

We are facing problems in Adjust Cost Entries module. Whenever we are trying to run this periodic activity sometimes it goes into some infinite loop or sometime it will go on accumulate values which will result overflow value for voucher's amount field.

Any help on this issue will be greatly appriciated



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    pri_1_ranjanpri_1_ranjan Member Posts: 67
    u can check for item application entry table .. here we have set of fields that actually determine that which set of records are to be chosen for the adjust cost. here filed "Output is adjusted" which is set to true is taken for calculation for the second level.

    Well the working of Adjust cost is fine and will take some 30 mins for say 7000 items and also the data is quite normal.. that is what i have seen.

    yet it is suggested that first of all the entries that have been made in the past to be checked. depending upon the entries ( purchase, sales, positive adj, negative adj, trasnfer , consumption and output ) which are having set format in this table ; as in navision the chances for things to go wrong i rare but if any how it has been passed and not rectifed then it affects all the other elements and goes for a toss .

    There is some white paper issued for such problem . Contact Navision India .

    hope that will help
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