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Hi Everyone,

I've done this once before but now forget :-(

I want to be able to change a report button to open up a different report I have made in 2009. This button is not under Admin > Manufacturing > Report Selections list. I remember in the past I had to change the Menu suite link for that button. The button is under Released Prod. Order and called Production Order - Comp and Routing. By default it opens report 5500 but I want to point it to a different report.

Could anyone refresh my memory how to do that if the report isn't available under the report selections list.

Thank you.


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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    You have to modify MenuSuite (or create, if not yet existing) 1090, go to Manufactoring -> Execution -> Report and from property window change the Object ID of the report to be run.
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