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Hi Everybody,

I am trying to figure out where in the "Production Order ->Refresh"-routine the components are added to the production order, and thought I would use Code Coverage to figure this out, but with no luck. Any ideas? Alternative ideas? Below is a description of what I did:

So I downloaded the Test Toolset for NAV2013 (see here: viewtopic.php?t=55560 ) imported the fobs and generated the code covered in the Code Coverage window. So far so good. But this is where I got stuck. I now wanted to search this very long code piece for the point where NAV fills out records in the "Prod. Order Component" (Table 5407) so I tried exporting the code into and XML document and searched for one of the fields that NAV fills out, for example "Prod. Line Order No.". But with no result. It seems that the code coverage tool does not actually cover all code or what is going on here?

Any help is appreciated.



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    thomastthomast Member Posts: 102
    Hi Again. I guess I solved my immediate problem: I set a break point on the OnValidate Trigger of the field "Item No." in the table "Prod. Order Component". But I am still curious about why the code coverage doesn't really seem to work for me.

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    it works fine for me. make sure you are running it in the same session. What i do is add the page to the menusuite and open it from rtc search window.
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