Best way to transfer entire inventory between locations

pmriouxpmrioux Member Posts: 13

I would like to get your opinion regarding something we have to accomplish in Nav.

Basically, in a few days, we'll need to transfer the entire inventory of one location to another location. Both locations are "managed" (directed picks and put-aways).

So far, we're saying two options :

1) Transfer Orders
2) Stock Adjustments

The first option works, but would require A LOT of staff and work.

The second option could be automated and also works, BUT each items cost would be affected, and we may not want that.

Do you guys see another way ?




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    edudiazedudiaz Member Posts: 39
    A third option would be "Item Reclass. Journal". Create a data port or use RIMS to get your data to NAV. Good luck!
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