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TatoshkaTatoshka Member Posts: 17
Hi everyone.

Please advice how I can login into the Navsion Client system.
I have database backuped from NAV 5.0 Sp1 SQL and restored it in Navision Native database. Now I failed to login. I have SQL account and password.

Thnaks for answers!!!


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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    You can't login with a sql account which is non-existing in the native db.
    If there is no database login, you should be able to login w/o username/pw.
    If there is a db login, use that account.
    If the db login credentials are unknown, then you cannot enter the db at all.
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    rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383

    With V5 there are two sorts of accounts; 'Database logins' and 'Windows Logins'.

    If you're switching from SQL to Native.
    • The Windows logins should work unchanged.
    • The database logins will continue to work but the passwords have been lost; you will have to login using a database user ID and NO PASSWORD.

    If there are users in EITHER list Navision will require you to login.
    There are no public tools to modify a database without logging in to it so if you don't know the authentication you can't get in.
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    TatoshkaTatoshka Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for answers
    And what about compression optimization of the database? IF it works, I'll be able to reduce the database size which will improve transaction speed ?
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    TatoshkaTatoshka Member Posts: 17
    Thanks rdebath your suggestion work out.
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    rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383
    Using NTFS compression on a native database works in theory. In practice it gave me spurious disk errors occasionally with large databases. -- DONT USE.

    Using NTFS compression on an SQL database is STRONGLY discouraged by Microsoft, at one point it interfered with the proper functioning of transactions; probably still does -- DONT USE.

    SQL2008+ in database compression appears to work well, Rashed and Kriki both have given blog entries.

    http://mibuso.com/blogs/ara3n/2009/02/1 ... -database/

    http://mibuso.com/blogs/kriki/2009/02/1 ... mpression/
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