NAV 2013 R2 server startup issues

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I have a strange problem.

Setup: Windows Server 2008 R2, and SQL server 2012 on a differnet machine.

3 instances on NAV 2013 R2, all databases are copies of the same demo database.

$ndo$navlistener schema created and used in all 3.

Network service, AND the impersonation account (server$) have the same access to all 3 databases.

The two first start without any problems, the 3rd service only reports "The service entered a stopped state" in the event viewer.

I can see in the Event Viewer on the SQL server that the service logs in fine, but I get no further information, or error messages of any kind.

I am really mystified as to what is causing this, since all 3 instances appear to be completely same, with the exception of the server name, the ports, and the database name (ofc).

Any ideas what I should look for here ?


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    waynenlwaynenl Member Posts: 39
    I get the same error. And i still find the solution.
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